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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

children and parents in playgrounds

Take your child to the park is very important to play , meet other children and , in general, to leave home and start their social life. Some things to keep in mind, if you take it to the park.

The public park " near home " is usually the most relieved by the parents when the child must take a while to play : so games like these children during childhood , and being free. For an evening not ruined because of an oversight , it is best to bear in mind a few things.

Parents alert

When we go to the park with the child , we must act responsibly and take a look at the site. Especially if it is a park we do not know , but equally if you go every day. It is wise for parents :

    Let's look at the facility before the use by children : see if any chipped or broken swing , some old or rusty parts , anything harmful or inappropriate for the floor (crystals , etc ... ) that the child can get hurt or dirty.
    Making sure we see the child at all times : and also that the child sees his parents .
    Educating children every day to use the swings : teaching children to share with others , warn of dangerous attitudes like running around swings, etc ...
    Help the child to use the facilities : and try not to use those that are not appropriate for their age or are in poor condition.
    Parents should lead by example, take no butts littering the ground or the park. Moreover, with the new smoking ban , we must remember that it is prohibodo parental smoking in these areas with children.

Besides the attitude of the parents , it is essential that park conditions are suitable and in order. If the family wants to take a look at the rules of sports for children, can do so here .